Friday, March 12, 2010


a new me..
a new beginning..
everythg shud be new in dis year..
hw shud i do 2 make myself new??
change a new hairstyle?but i dare not..
change my inner side??but hw 2 change ler..
change 2 be vr obedient??change 2 be well-disciplined??
change 2 be focusing??
haha..i guess nobd wud bliv me tat i wil change into tat kind of person ba..
or mayb i shud change my lifestyle..
or attitude towards thgs around me..?
dis wud be a vr gud idea..
anyway,im learning to change..
n im thkin how..

1 comment:

  1. actuali....wat shld i say is...u nt nid 2 chg...juz be urself...