Saturday, September 19, 2009


i cn c a story in ur eyes:

after a long period of interaction between d oyster wif d pearl..
d oyster finally revealed the ugly thruth of d pearl one day..
it cn strongly feel tat d closer it gettin wif tat pearl..
d mor it doesn"t und it..
it even felt tat d pearl is a stanger..though their relationship might be close..
from d physical view..d pearl might looks perfect~
but thr"s lie another side of d pearl....
d pearl mayb cheatin on d oyster from d beginning~~
dissappointment of d oyster towards d pearl grows stonger day by day..
in d wake of dis..
d oyster found tat sands around it r important although they might be minor..
d sands actuali r those which rili care abt it..
d sincerity is true..though it nvr realise abt it b4..even neglectin them..
d oyster starts appreaciating them 4 owiz be thr 4 it..
decision plays in its mind..
it decides 2 walk out from d shadows of d pearl..
since d faith in d pearl ad fade..
it will step out from it..soon..
n will b managed 2 do so..
( adapted from xxxxxx)

no one und wat i typed i guess..


  1. err..yea,basically i can agak wad happen..but juz 2 bomb u,oyster produced pearl

  2. haha.tat one i noe r..
    u noe wat happen mie??